Fall is right around the corner! Trending colors

So fall is almost here, Yay!

Personally I love fall, all the beautiful leaves and colors falling from the trees. The cooler crisper nights as we head into winter ( at least for Florida) ahh Fall.

Fall.. people normally tend to think

  • Brown and orange
  • dark colors
  • fur
  • boots
  • need a new rake

Most of it’s true, but you everyone has there own style!  So let’s take a look on what we have for Fall colors

According to new trends from pantone this fall season you should be seeing


Pantone is calling it the color of the year and can you see why! It’s just gorgeous. I think it compliments any skin tone and you can wear it in clothing, nail polish, shoes, jewels, the possibilities are endless with this beautiful color.  Also in the second picture for fall 2013  this Beautiful Ombre strapless maxi dress by Luhillie was featured on the runway in fashion week



Mykonos blue which is named after Mykonos Greece beach Which if you see in the picture below is just beautiful and a fall staple this year! In the second picture Just look at the beautiful color of those waves! Not to mention the trim around the gorgeous white structures. It just speaks for it self.



Just look at the beautiful color of those waves! Not to mention the trim around the gorgeous white structures.

Pantone Linden Green will probably be a staple in Interior designing for this fall as well in this Amoure satin plain Linden green throw from fabflooring.com . Who wouldn’t want this soft color in there home? or on their bodies?  Picture number two is an ELLE solid Pin Tuck Top from Kohls. I’m thinking greens will be a wonderful staple in everyone wardrobe for fall ranging from different hues to fit everyone’s color taste.



Acai yes like the fruit!  Yummy in color and taste! I know that when I think of fall I always tend to think of some sort of purple color, and IMO I believe that this color hit right on the the note! It mixes in tones of pinks and purples and looks smashing in satin!  Like pictured below in the second picture. This color is being used by Stella McCartney, Gucci, Diane Von Furstenberg, and many others and we can see why



Are you ready to samba! I know I am with this rich exotic red! It has a spicy kick to it. It looks wonderful as the only wall color in this bathroom making the white really stand out. I’m sort of envying this bathroom.  Even in little pops of the color can make any outfit even hotter!



Koi Orange. Those beautiful Japan pond fish. So tranquil as the animal but in fashion it’s Electric!  It’s Fall orange done in a whole new lighting.  How do you wear it besides black?  You can wear it with greys and lots of greens as well a blue tones.


Deep lichen green. You guessed it, Military is back in style! woohoo, I love the military look personally, and with all the war and protesting in Syria, it only makes sense to bring it back into the fashion world. (Also goes well with the Koi)


Do you want to be vivacious this fall? Now you can with this Hot magenta pink. It’s another one of those fall pops of color! This color will definitely brighten up any fall wardrobe and day. Pop it on with make up, nail polish, or some rubber boots…?Pair it with emerald and Mykono blue. Wear it as a statement piece like these coats



Turbulence, what do you think of when you hear that word? I think of a plane going through turbulence while I’m holding on for dear life! Well When Trends here the world Turbulence they think of grey. Pretty soft muted neutral grey. You are bound to see this color in homes, on nails and around necks, pretty much everywhere this fall

images (2)


images (3)


images (1)



Carafe…. beautiful rich roast of coffee brown colors in this new fall trend, now here’s your typical brown fall color but done in a more rich and elegant way this wall.  Enjoy your coffee as you enjoy your carafe!







I hope you enjoyed my first fashion trending post. feel free to leave comments and concerns about anything!


2 thoughts on “Fall is right around the corner! Trending colors

  1. I love how you have an item to compare all of these fun colors. Will definitely make remember them much easier its exciting to see that this season it won’t hurt to incorporate a few bright summer pieces as well.

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