Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice!!!

This weeks blog post is on some more of fall trends we get to look forward too!

Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice!! Stripes! This fall we should see an abundance of stripes! Stripes look good on just about anyone. You can wear your classic Black and white stripes, your colorful contrast stripes. Big/small on your nails on your accessories, and even in your own home! Who doesn’t want to be a stripe fanatic! 






Black and white and seen all over!


Black and white is a trend that is moving from spring into fall. Classic black and white can be done  a whole new way. You can add other colors to keep it a visual interest. Different prints are also used in this new trend!  How will you wear your classic?





Ladies, don’t put your Lovely Leopard print away just yet! Leopard is going to be a fall staple. Whether on small amounts like around the home, on nails, a purse or shoes or large amounts like in a coat and pants.  Let your inner wild cat roar this season.





Pretty darling peplums are going to be used as well in fall trends. Peplums come from way back since the Ancient Greeks and have worked there way through more modern times introducing new shapes and chicness. Peplums can be seen in jacket waist line, skirts, any form of bodice, belts, and even sleeves.




Last but not least, plaid or tartan. Get chic or grunge with plaid this fall. From wide bold plaid to small subtle plaid. Plai dis great on any figure and can be worn in a many of different style choices.





What trends do you think will be in your closet this fall?