Luxe Femme Leather.

So far throughout fashion week Leather has been everywhere. Leather is now making it’s way through stores and is now becoming a new trend.  You can see leather in shoes obviously and accessories to all types of clothing. My favorites have to be the Leather short and the Leather dress. Pictured here are a pair of stretch vegan leather shorts from and the dress is Yves Saint Laurent Stretch Wool Leather Dress and you can purchase it at 



Now the great thing with leather is that you can pair it with almost anything to make the look completely your own.

For a more feminine look maybe pair your leather with a floral blouse or floral bottoms and a motor cycle bomber.  For example below. The leather bomber is from The floral top is from Top Shop. The Jeans are from Gap. The shoes are Hailey jeans Co from target.

Image             Image        Image                     Image

Maybe go with Stevie Nicks and do a leather and lace look. Leather dresses with lace trimmings are darling! Like pair Leather Pants from With a lace top from style made here and pair with a pair of SAMBA colored heels.





These are just a few ways you can do leather and still be Chic. Edgy Chic.  You can replace a key staple in your wardrobe for leather to update it for a more edgier look For example swap out your leggings for leather leggings. Switch up the high waist skirt. Even if it’s just a pair of leather boots or shoes. The choice is yours.