Trending: Cross Body Bag 2014

As the spring season arrives, Cross body bags have made it on the shelves and over your shoulders.

Any budget, any print, any style, they’ve got one for you!

Whether a pop of color like this Kate Spade Bag.




Or a neutral color like this from Top shop



It is perfect to complete any outfit.  Any size to make you swoon!









Ralph Lauren



What’s your favorite?


Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice!!!

This weeks blog post is on some more of fall trends we get to look forward too!

Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice!! Stripes! This fall we should see an abundance of stripes! Stripes look good on just about anyone. You can wear your classic Black and white stripes, your colorful contrast stripes. Big/small on your nails on your accessories, and even in your own home! Who doesn’t want to be a stripe fanatic! 






Black and white and seen all over!


Black and white is a trend that is moving from spring into fall. Classic black and white can be done  a whole new way. You can add other colors to keep it a visual interest. Different prints are also used in this new trend!  How will you wear your classic?





Ladies, don’t put your Lovely Leopard print away just yet! Leopard is going to be a fall staple. Whether on small amounts like around the home, on nails, a purse or shoes or large amounts like in a coat and pants.  Let your inner wild cat roar this season.





Pretty darling peplums are going to be used as well in fall trends. Peplums come from way back since the Ancient Greeks and have worked there way through more modern times introducing new shapes and chicness. Peplums can be seen in jacket waist line, skirts, any form of bodice, belts, and even sleeves.




Last but not least, plaid or tartan. Get chic or grunge with plaid this fall. From wide bold plaid to small subtle plaid. Plai dis great on any figure and can be worn in a many of different style choices.





What trends do you think will be in your closet this fall?

Luxe Femme Leather.

So far throughout fashion week Leather has been everywhere. Leather is now making it’s way through stores and is now becoming a new trend.  You can see leather in shoes obviously and accessories to all types of clothing. My favorites have to be the Leather short and the Leather dress. Pictured here are a pair of stretch vegan leather shorts from and the dress is Yves Saint Laurent Stretch Wool Leather Dress and you can purchase it at 



Now the great thing with leather is that you can pair it with almost anything to make the look completely your own.

For a more feminine look maybe pair your leather with a floral blouse or floral bottoms and a motor cycle bomber.  For example below. The leather bomber is from The floral top is from Top Shop. The Jeans are from Gap. The shoes are Hailey jeans Co from target.

Image             Image        Image                     Image

Maybe go with Stevie Nicks and do a leather and lace look. Leather dresses with lace trimmings are darling! Like pair Leather Pants from With a lace top from style made here and pair with a pair of SAMBA colored heels.





These are just a few ways you can do leather and still be Chic. Edgy Chic.  You can replace a key staple in your wardrobe for leather to update it for a more edgier look For example swap out your leggings for leather leggings. Switch up the high waist skirt. Even if it’s just a pair of leather boots or shoes. The choice is yours.

Fall is right around the corner! Trending colors

So fall is almost here, Yay!

Personally I love fall, all the beautiful leaves and colors falling from the trees. The cooler crisper nights as we head into winter ( at least for Florida) ahh Fall.

Fall.. people normally tend to think

  • Brown and orange
  • dark colors
  • fur
  • boots
  • need a new rake

Most of it’s true, but you everyone has there own style!  So let’s take a look on what we have for Fall colors

According to new trends from pantone this fall season you should be seeing


Pantone is calling it the color of the year and can you see why! It’s just gorgeous. I think it compliments any skin tone and you can wear it in clothing, nail polish, shoes, jewels, the possibilities are endless with this beautiful color.  Also in the second picture for fall 2013  this Beautiful Ombre strapless maxi dress by Luhillie was featured on the runway in fashion week



Mykonos blue which is named after Mykonos Greece beach Which if you see in the picture below is just beautiful and a fall staple this year! In the second picture Just look at the beautiful color of those waves! Not to mention the trim around the gorgeous white structures. It just speaks for it self.



Just look at the beautiful color of those waves! Not to mention the trim around the gorgeous white structures.

Pantone Linden Green will probably be a staple in Interior designing for this fall as well in this Amoure satin plain Linden green throw from . Who wouldn’t want this soft color in there home? or on their bodies?  Picture number two is an ELLE solid Pin Tuck Top from Kohls. I’m thinking greens will be a wonderful staple in everyone wardrobe for fall ranging from different hues to fit everyone’s color taste.



Acai yes like the fruit!  Yummy in color and taste! I know that when I think of fall I always tend to think of some sort of purple color, and IMO I believe that this color hit right on the the note! It mixes in tones of pinks and purples and looks smashing in satin!  Like pictured below in the second picture. This color is being used by Stella McCartney, Gucci, Diane Von Furstenberg, and many others and we can see why



Are you ready to samba! I know I am with this rich exotic red! It has a spicy kick to it. It looks wonderful as the only wall color in this bathroom making the white really stand out. I’m sort of envying this bathroom.  Even in little pops of the color can make any outfit even hotter!



Koi Orange. Those beautiful Japan pond fish. So tranquil as the animal but in fashion it’s Electric!  It’s Fall orange done in a whole new lighting.  How do you wear it besides black?  You can wear it with greys and lots of greens as well a blue tones.


Deep lichen green. You guessed it, Military is back in style! woohoo, I love the military look personally, and with all the war and protesting in Syria, it only makes sense to bring it back into the fashion world. (Also goes well with the Koi)


Do you want to be vivacious this fall? Now you can with this Hot magenta pink. It’s another one of those fall pops of color! This color will definitely brighten up any fall wardrobe and day. Pop it on with make up, nail polish, or some rubber boots…?Pair it with emerald and Mykono blue. Wear it as a statement piece like these coats



Turbulence, what do you think of when you hear that word? I think of a plane going through turbulence while I’m holding on for dear life! Well When Trends here the world Turbulence they think of grey. Pretty soft muted neutral grey. You are bound to see this color in homes, on nails and around necks, pretty much everywhere this fall

images (2)


images (3)


images (1)



Carafe…. beautiful rich roast of coffee brown colors in this new fall trend, now here’s your typical brown fall color but done in a more rich and elegant way this wall.  Enjoy your coffee as you enjoy your carafe!







I hope you enjoyed my first fashion trending post. feel free to leave comments and concerns about anything!